Day #2, A Wannabe Vampire Brings Sun


July 17, 2016

Another day of sleeping in and skipping breakfast.

The sky was grey this morning, even a bit of drops during lunch time.

Over lunch, I met another girl from the US, Christina from Washington DC. Jane (the American girl that I met yesterday) and Christina are university students who are doing summer course in London. While I talked to them, I couldn’t help but be envious of their youth. They’ve got whole lives in front of them, they can study what they want, take as much time as needed without worrying about wasting time, have a gap year and travel the world, try to live in many different countries etc. Well, I am not anywhere close to retirement age yet, but sometimes I dream about becoming immortal, like a vampire, so that I could live hundreds of years in young and healthy status and experience everything, literally EVERYTHING that a human being could experience in the world (Oh I should say, everything except something like sucking blood out of people… I shall find a way to survive!!).

The sun came back when I was ready to go out. I have always believed that “I bring the sun”, and here is the proof today! The reason of this ridiculous belief? OK, here it is. I used to work as a travel writer for a travel magazine in Korea. We usually travelled to places for articles in pairs, a writer and a photographer. And one of our photographers was a ‘rain man’, because wherever he went, it rained. So most of his photo shots were under the rain, and he became a fantastic photographer of rainy sceneries. He had been to Paris many times, and his shots of Eiffel Tower were reflection of the tower on wet grounds and moody night shots with the tower at the background, something like that, and they are rather artistic and unusual compared to many typical Eiffel Tower photos. On the other hand, it was nearly always sunny wherever I went, so the photographer who was on a mission with me could get nice shots with the blue sky, which was a dream for a travel photographer. So the thing is, when I and the ‘rain man’ went for a travel together, we couldn’t really foresee what kind of sky we would get on the spot, and it was mostly half and half, rain and sun, or a funny weather like raining with the sun on the sky. Now, can you believe there is such thing like “someone who brings the sun”? Ahem! That’s me.

Anyway, so I put on lots of sun screen on my exposed skin, threw a bottle of water, sunglasses, a book, postcards and a pen in my bag, and got out.

The destination today was right next door of my hostel – Kensington Gardens. But don’t think it’s a small garden from the name ‘Gardens’, it is a huge park with a big pond, and it’s connected to even bigger Hyde Park. I decided to go there because it was Sunday today, I thought I would be able to see Londoners’ Sunday ritual up close. And yes, I was right. The park was full with so many people – families, couples, lone joggers, dancers in groups, cyclists… When I passed the group dancers on a lawn, I was really tempted to join them, but I wouldn’t know how to dance… so I kept walking until some guy approached to talk to me. He said he loves Asian culture (I am Asian), I look very artistic and beautiful, he would like to buy me coffee blablabla. I think I gave him an impression that I wasn’t interested, he gave me his number and left. His name was Hassan by the way. Thanks for your interest Hassan!


After I circled the pond, I got a nice shadowy spot and settled for writing and reading. Sending postcards to family and friends while being away is something that I got used to when I lived and travelled with my ex (who is French) and I absolutely love the procedure – choosing postcards thinking of the people who will receive and writing a few lines as crispy as possible. So I do it now whenever and wherever I am away.

Under the shadow with a bit of breeze, watching a few guys playing boomerang, trying to read a bit and have a nap with the sound of talks in all those different accents in English… What a wonderful atmosphere!



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