Day #5, Do You Know K-Pop?


July 20, 2016

Late night, late morning.

But it wasn’t just a late morning today, I slept the whole day. When I opened my eyes sometime in the morning, I felt sore throat, and didn’t have the courage to get out of bed, so I checked job offers with my iPad in bed, and fell asleep again when I found nothing.

I woke up a few hours later, had some cereal with soy milk and a glass of OJ with sleepy eyes, and back to bed.

I woke up again when the alarm went off (I set it not to miss dinner), had a quick shower and headed downstairs to have my first proper meal of the day.

Among a few people who were already there, I spotted Christina and joined her. Jane joined us sometime later, and Iffy from Greece sat next to me so we introduced each other. Iffy studied Korean culture in uni and one of her friends plays Gayageum, a Korean traditional musical instrument which isn’t even that popular among Koreans. Wannabe musicians in Korea rather choose ‘western’ classical instrument to learn these days, therefore musicians who play traditional instruments become rare, as in many other domains. That is very sad, I guess.

Anyway, Iffy stated talking about Korean dramas and Gangnam Style, which amazed me. Even Jane and Christina had something to say about Korean dramas and K-Pop. Wow. Is Korean culture that popular in the world? I never heard any French talking about K-Pop in France for the last 6 years, maybe because I lived in a provincial town, not in Paris? It was funny to hear about the stuff of my home county from Americans and a Greek, I think Americans might have felt the same when everyone started taking about NYC and the Chinese noodle takeaways, when Hollywood movies became so popular all over the world.

After dinner, the girls had something to do, so I went out to the park alone to get some air. The park is the answer for a hot day like today. It’s blessing that there is a huge park right next to my hostel, and I think there are more or less big parks in every neighbourhood in London. I should explore other neighbourhoods, and now is the best when I have lots of time without a job.

Let’s see what comes to my mind when I wake up tomorrow morning.


2 thoughts on “Day #5, Do You Know K-Pop?

  1. please don’t underestimate kpop and kdramas!! I find them to be extremely well produced and satisfying to watch/listen to 🙂 its true that kpop/kdramas aren’t for everyone, but they’re a lot better then what most people give them credit for.
    10/10 would recommend


    1. Wow… here is another K culture follower! As originated from Korea, I am always surprised to know there are so many people out there who love Korean stuff. I guess I took it for granted for such a long time and didn’t value it as much.Thanks for your comment and enjoy the K stuff!


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