Day #6, Rambling


July 21, 2016

Another day of job searching and neighbourhood exploring.

It’s been nearly a week since I arrived in London, and it’s been 3 days since I started sending CVs. And I already start to feel that things aren’t going as I hoped. Maybe I am too impatient. Of course job replies aren’t coming in 3 days, but it feels like they will never reply to me and I am never gonna get a job in London. Maybe I am too panicky.

Moreover, I found a perfect job offer for a Korean speaker in Dublin, a job at Google EU headquarters, but only for 11 months. Working at Google sounds super cool, but moving to Dublin only for 11 months? Actually it’s not moving for me, cuz I didn’t even settle down in London yet, but anyway, settle in Dublin for 11 months and then what? Maybe I could extend the contract if I’m good? Hell, I didn’t even get that job and am already talking about extending the contract, what am I thinking? Oh, it’s because I can’t even decide if I should send my CV to Dublin or not.

Another thing that’s been bothering me the whole day is, whether or not I’m gonna extend my stay at this hostel. I need to tell them tomorrow if I am going to stay longer than initial booking, because they want to be noticed a week in advance. I don’t want to get a flat before getting a job, and I am not even sure if I can get a flat without a bank account in the UK. And I really don’t want to eat the food that’s offered here anymore (today’s dinner was the worst so far, OMG, the lasagne was super soggy and there was no taste whatsoever).

After talking a bit with Jane, Rose and Keila over dinner, I decided to check Airbnb homes. Maybe it’s the best option for now. I can try to apply NI number and open a bank account while staying at Airbnb home, why not? Why haven’t I thought about Airbnb before I booked the hostel?

After checking out a few places, I found that a private room in a shared flat is even cheaper than what I am paying at the hostel now. And I can use the kitchen and cook for myself! I just sent a booking request to an Airbnb home in Notting Hill. I will be able to enjoy Portobello Market every Saturday while staying there!

I am rambling too much about this. God, I hate being unstable. I really hope that I can look back and laugh about this within a month.


By the way, apart from worrying about my situation, I did go out walking this afternoon. I spotted a little canal called Little Venice on Google Map, less than 20 minutes walk from here. I even took out my heavy Canon EOS for the first time in London, though didn’t get many super nice shots.

The canal was pretty with a few houseboats and canal side cafés. After walked alongside the canal a bit, I ended up at a small square with many nice looking restaurants and an amphitheatre, where lots of people stretched out sunbathing and watching sports from a screen. It looks like there is a free movie showing every Friday night, I should come and check it out for sure. My favourite movie Forrest Gump will be showing tomorrow. I fell in love with Tom Hanks because of this movie! I’ve already watched it a few times, but I am still excited to watch it again.


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