Day #7, Getting Better


July 22, 2016

It’s been exactly a week since I arrived in London, but it feels like I have been here for a couple of month. Not sure why, maybe because I am bored? It’s not that I am short of money to enjoy London tourism a bit, but I can’t get myself into it before I have something permanent, i.e. a job and a flat.

Talking about a flat, I got the reply from my Airbnb host, Christopher, and I am going to stay at his place (in Notting Hill!) for a month from next Friday. I really hope that I get a job while I stay there so that I can start settling in London. At least the one good and sure thing is, I will be able to eat my own cooking. I really agree with the phrase ‘You are what you eat’, and I would like to control what I eat on every meal basis. My blog might be focused on food and cooking at some point.

I got some good bread from a bakery, peanut butter and strawberry jam (I love this American style sandwich!). I had a bit of leftover of chorizo slice and green olives from a week ago, some apricot and grapes. And OJ too. All of these made me a very satisfying brunch this morning. Oh, damn! I didn’t have coffee today! Not a cup!! It’s surprising that I could go a day without even thinking about coffee! I think it’s because I haven’t found any café where there is perfect coffee to my taste, nor I could brew my own coffee in my own kitchen yet. Anyway, it shows that I am not addicted to caffeine. I am only addicted to perfect coffee aroma.

It started drizzling when I got out to head to Paddington, where Forrest Gump will be showing at 6:30pm. I wasn’t sure if it would go as planned because of the rain, but I still went.

On the way on, I got a call from a secured number, and as I assumed it was from Dublin. I sent a CV for the Google job earlier, and the headhunter called me right away! It was a phone interview, damn I was on a noisy street but I still did it. We talked for an hour and she told me about the long and complicated recruiting procedure with Google, but they want it fast, so I might get a reply for the next step within a week. Yeah!!! No, I shouldn’t get too excited. Let’s calm down. Well, I might live in Dublin, or maybe not.

I took another way to the square from yesterday, and I passed the centre of Paddington area. There are lots of good but affordable looking restaurants, full of customers, mostly Italian and Indian. Lively. I will surely come to this area for a drink and dinner with friends some day.


When I got to the square, it stopped drizzling, so I bought a sushi bento from Itsu, sat on one of sunbeds which are there to be used by anyone (I guess), took a shot of bento for Instagram and FB, and devoured. The sushi was nowhere close to the one in Japan for sure, but it is still very fresh and delicious, the second best meal in London so far (after Bill’s food).

Closer to 6:30, I started to wonder if I will get to watch a movie tonight. Surprisingly there were not many people waiting for the movie. And on the screen, Step Up was written, not Forrest Gump. Whoever they are, they might have changed the plan at the last minute. Very disappointing. Anyway, I started watching the movie, it was ok, the main characters were very good at dancing, but the best thing was to watch Channing Tatum’s nice body and his movement. 😉

I feel a lot better tonight than last night. Thanks to nice meals and a call for a job.

I think I will be able to enjoy my second weekend in London.


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