Day #10, Laundering Monday


July 25, 2016

Surely Mondays have a huge effect on everyone.

Even if I don’t work at the moment so that I shouldn’t have Sunday night blues or Monillness, Monday was still Monday and I had a very very lazy day today.

I stayed in bed until early afternoon, checking emails and job offers with my phone, dozing on and off. And I got up, had some PB&J and went down for laundry. The good thing with the laundry facility here is that the dryer doesn’t cost too much to fully dry a bag of laundry. I put £1 and it gave me 50 minutes of hot drying and it was more than enough (The driers at launderettes in France cost about €3). The downside is that there is no detergent dispenser so that you have to buy a huge pack at a shop, whereas you will never get to finish the pack unless you stay at this hostel for half the year. Nobody wants to carry around the opened pack of laundry detergent when travelling or moving to another place, do we? And it’s not expensive enough to share the cost with your hostel-mates and use it together. Well, something has to be done on this matter for many travellers in the future and improve the service quality of the hostel. Maybe I should talk about this to the staff before I leave.

Washing and drying took an hour and 20 minutes, and thankfully my best friend in Korea kept me busy talking to her through a messenger. She has been my best friend all my life, since we were 8 years old. Her family and my family lived in the same building, upstairs and downstairs, and we were in the same class at school. When her mom got up too late to prepare her lunchbox, she came down and asked my mom for it. We are very much like family each other, and I feel so blessed to have such a close friend like her, even though we live so far away and can’t see as often as we would like to.

The dinner today was Roast Chicken/Burger Beef, rice, peas, potato wedges, salad and soup. I took chicken, rice, peas, salad and soup, the healthiest looking meal at the hostel in 10 days. I finished my plate and went out for a walk. It became my habit to go for a walk after dinner here, because I need some exercise and there is the great Hyde Park right next door, it’s still bright after dinner, it feels safe with lots of people out there, I am already dressed to go out walking (whereas I am usually in my pyjamas when I am home and I need to get changed to go for a walk and that’s too much for a lazy person like me). The list goes on, and it looks like it would be very strange not to go for a walk! Well, the environment changes one’s habit.

I will get up (reasonably) early tomorrow, and be a bit more productive than today. I promise.


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