Day #9, Museum, Burger, Walk, Pub


July 24, 2016

I am a bit tipsy at the moment, I gotta be careful not to make any spelling mistakes.

Why tipsy? I met a hostel-mate at the hostel door on the way back from my day, started talking, ended up going to a pub together and had a few drinks. My first pub trip in London in 10 days.

He is French, named Corentin, I said I am French too, and I think it got him talk more than he initially intended to. As many people that you meet on the road, he is one interesting human being. He has travelled most of the planet for the last 6 years! That’s amazing. I could never have thought about it myself, cuz I tend to think ‘what am I gonna do after the long travel?’ ‘What if I simply waste 6 years of my life?’ ‘Who is gonna count my travel as something productive and give me a job after coming back?’ All those worries would come first. I am not even sure if I should see it as braveness or I-got-no-future attitude, but personally I envy these people who could do it.


During the day, I went out with my camera again. Cuz Rosie and Keila told me about the night view of the city from Primrose Hill, so I decided to go on another photo mission today. I got on a bus towards East wondering what to do until dark, and I spotted British Museum on the map so got off at Tottenham Court Road. I am not actually a museum person, not really interested in small objects from long time ago and who did what in the history, but the famous British Museum got me in a way, maybe because it’s free? Anyhow, it was worth a visit. Not because of the exhibition itself, but the huge souvenir shop and the inner architecture of the museum (sorry Mr and Ms curators!). It was beautiful. Geometric. There were so many stuff I would like to buy for myself, my nephews and nieces at the shop, but I was going to walk up a hill tonight so promised myself to come back another time.

Honest Burgers Tottenham Crt Rd

I stopped at a good looking Burger joint, called Honest Burgers, to charge up for the hill. I ordered Honest Burger and the beer of the day. The beer was honey beer, and I found the honey taste didn’t match to the burger taste at all. Now I know I shouldn’t have honey beer with a burger. But the burger itself was really delicious. Cooked medium, juicy, charcoal taste, lots of pickled and fresh ingredients etc. The staff were super friendly too. I even left a few coins for a tip.

With the full stomach, I started walking towards Regent Park. Primrose Hill is connected to the northern side of the park, and I got into the park at the south, and this park seemed sooooo big. When I finally arrived at the top of the hill, I was exhausted, so sat there among many other people who have been waiting for the night view. It was only 7:30pm, and the sunset was supposed to be at 9. And the wind started blowing, it got really chilly, and even with a long sleeved cardigan I had goose bumps all over and couldn’t stay any more. It was 8pm then. Still bright. I got up and left. The sunset and night shots could wait. I will come back soon properly geared up.


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