Day #11, Job Talk

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July 26, 2016

I got up earlier than yesterday as promised, and got my room cleaned.

After having breakfast of granola with soy milk, nectarine and OJ, I sat with my laptop and started searching jobs on LinkedIn.

It’s amazing there are so many jobs in the UK with a keyword ‘Korean’ coming up every day. They are mostly for Korean interpreters and translators, usually part-time, but every second day I get decent full time job offers like Customer Advisor for and, and the Korean Ads Classification Quality Evaluator for Google that I had the phone interview with a head hunter the other day.

Actually my dream job is an editor and/or a writer for a food magazine, because I am so much into food and cooking, and working for a magazine is what I like the most among my career. But, working as an editor/writer for any media is not something for everyone to learn and be good at, cuz you gotta be very good at the appointed language, in grammar as well as newly created trendy languages, gottta be up-to-date to the trend, gotta have a good sense of design and image, gotta have creative thinking, gotta know the market, gotta be hardworking, should be able to work overnight etc etc.

I believe that I have all these skills from my experience, although I’ve never worked as an editor in English language and in the UK, I am good in English grammar and that’s why I could teach English in France. And now I’m writing a blog in English every single day. But the thing is, who would think that I would be good enough to work as an editor in English? Even a native English speaker wouldn’t be good enough if he/she is not good at his/her own language and doesn’t have all those skills mentioned above. And I am not even a native…

Well, let’s not be discouraged. I may not get the magazine editor job straightaway and do something else for a living, but I don’t have to stop dreaming of the job of my life. Who knows where my life takes me?

Anyway, I ended up applying for two jobs, one in London and one in Manchester. One in editing sector in English and one in customer service in Korean. I wouldn’t mind moving to Manchester, because it’s a city that I don’t know as much as London, and Manchester always sounded very interesting to my ears, with no particular reason. Maybe because of football clubs and David Beckham? Speaking of football, I should choose one of the clubs as my supporting club, as I am in England now. I will choose one from the city where I end up ‘living’ in the (hopefully) near future.


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