Day #12, Manchester to Kings Cross Station


July 27, 2016

Wow, it comes fast when it comes.

I had a call from the company in Manchester this morning (I sent the CV last night!). So, if I really have the profile that they are looking for, they don’t hesitate and contact me straightaway. It means, all those companies where I sent my CVs from last week and didn’t give me any response didn’t think I was the right person for the job. OK, I got it. But it’s not too bad, I had 2 telephone interviews so far and I will have another one tomorrow, which is 3 out of 8. And all three are jobs for Korean speakers.

The interview today went quite well, I think, and I will have the second interview with another person of the company, and if everything goes well, I will have to move to Manchester right away! So I checked Gumtree to see flats in Manchester (too excited and impatient as usual), and the rent is half price of London!! Of course salary in Manchester is not as high as in London, also depends on the job itself too, but still, you get to live in quality in a spacious flat with the same amount of money for a tiny studio (where you even share a bathroom) in London. So, living-quality-wise, Manchester will be much better option than London. And the benefit you get as an employee of the company is HUGE. Really. Their office building is the most talked about as the coolest office in Manchester! Oh, calm down. I shouldn’t get too excited. I don’t have the job yet.

Over dinner, I talked about my interview and this company to Jane, and naturally we started talking about other parts of the UK out of London. Jane came to the UK a few times before this summer, and she visited many cities, such as Oxford, York, Liverpool, Bath, Cardiff, Cotswolds. She talked about when she was locked up in a park at one of the Oxford colleges after dark. Of course she was alone and her phone battery was gone. For a second, she thought about breaking someone’s window with a stone to get some attention from anyone and even the police, but in the end she could get someone by knocking every doors of a building in the park. So now when she goes to the Hyde Park here, she always makes sure to get out when the gate is still open, and before dark.

I would like to travel all over the UK one day, following the settings of English classic books like Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. Ah, shouldn’t forget Oxford for Hogwarts! Maybe I should do the Harry Potter Walking Tour in London first. I haven’t even been to the Kings Cross station yet. The big risk is, when I go there I wouldn’t be able to control myself not to buy the whole Harry Potter shop, if not the whole shop, maybe the full collection of the book…


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