Day #13, Which Came First, Chicken or the Egg?


July 28, 2016

Oh My God.

The interviewer from Manchester today READ my blog! Thank God I didn’t say anything negative about the company on my blog! Not that there is any from the information I have for the moment (She might be reading right this moment 😅).

I felt quite embarrassed when she said that. Yes I am writing my blog for anyone to read, but to hear from someone I kind of know (only through the phone just yet) that she actually read my blog? That was a very foreign feeling, something like, I am on a stage where everyone is watching me and waiting for me to say something, yes, being the centre of attention! Actually, I was good at presentation with 50 students in front of me in uni, but I still get nervous when hundreds sets of eyes are on me. I don’t know if the actors and superstars are born with it or they are trained, I think I will never be able to stay as the centre of attention on a daily basis. I wonder how the Hollywood stars manage their everyday lives with paparazzi following them around.

Speaking of superstars, I’ve been asking myself questions like, “Why do we want to know about famous people’s life so much?” “Why do we bitch about other people’s life?” “Why do we care who dated who and who broke up with who?” “Why do we need paparazzi to take photos of someone’s daily routine and show us?” I guess the answer is, that we always compare ourselves with others and want to be better than them, and being “better” here is usually in the sense of materialism that the modern world values, such as bigger house, better car, better job, better looking partners etc. We want to be like those superstars. And who made us like that? The media? Or, because human beings are already like that so media used it for their business? Well, it’s the question of “Which came first, chicken or the egg?. When I imagine the human’s life in pre historic era, I wonder if they also had some form of materialism, like more food, more children, more number of men in the group etc.

At least, the answer is clear from the Christians’ point of view. I am from a family of protestant and a serious one, and when I discuss about this kind matter with my mom and my brother who is a pastor, they say that human beings are born evil according to the Bible. So, without any outer influence or education, we are naturally bad and want to step on others.

But what about others’ point of view? Not only other religions’ point of view, but also any philosophical view? I have never studied philosophy, but sometimes I feel like going back to school and study philosophy whenever I have those questions popping up in my mind.


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