Day #15, Good Stuff


July 30, 2016

I had a long and nice sleep in a very comfy king sized bed last night.

Sorry for the hostel business, but I really think that Airbnb is the key to most budget-midbudget travellers. If you are ready to spend some time to look for the best value, you can get a perfect place with what you like, either interaction with the host or being left alone, within your budget. And there is always some kind of personal touch of the host that you never get in a hotel. I don’t know what genius stuff would come for the better life for everyone in the next generation, but I am very happy to live in this era that I get to experience good-natured sharing economy.

This morning, I finally brewed my own coffee in my Bialetti Moka pot that travelled with me from Korea. The Moka pot is another amazing stuff. When you want to have good strong coffee at home without spending too much money on an espresso machine, the Moka pot is just the right stuff. You only need a stove and good ground coffee to your taste. If you have a fantastic roasting café where coffee bean is chosen and roasted by a barista near you, that would be more than perfect. As a coffee lover, I will surely look for a good roaster in the neighbourhood where I end up living, and maybe one day I will roast green beans myself at home.

Today I chose to check out Tower Bridge. It’s the furthest spot from where I stay among all those places I wanted to see in London, so I thought I shouldn’t leave it to the last. I checked the transport to get there, and it takes at least 2 buses or a long walk and a line of tube. I got on a bus and sat at the front upstairs, enjoyed the scene of different neighbourhoods passing by. It was a nice journey. When you don’t have much time to explore everywhere in a big city, this could be a way to see the whole city. Good that London has got double deckers.


At Tower Bridge, I was one of the thousands of tourists. Everyone’s eyes were on the bridge, somewhere at the two towers. My eyes and camera looked at the same direction as everyone else, for a few hours while I was around. I spotted a nice terraced restaurant right at the bottom of the bridge, so stayed there with a glass of Shiraz and a Ploughman’s Platter until nightfall. I wanted to get some night shots of the bridge with lights on, that means no dinner at home. Damn I have to postpone a home cooking again. Let’s see what I feel like tomorrow morning.




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