Day #16, Food and Beatles


July 31, 2016

I felt like treating myself a nice home-cooked breakfast when I woke up this morning.

I toasted 2 slices of bread, cooked 2 eggs and 2 rashers of bacon, seasoned some greens with balsamic vinegar and arranged them nicely on a plate. While cooking, I put the Moka pot on the stove and poured some tropical juice in a big glass. Volià! My first home-cooked breakfast in London! There is no better feeling than enjoying home-cooked breakfast without rush – I should do that more often now before I actually start working.

Energised, I decided to walk to Abbey Road for the legendary “Beatles” shot. It is supposed to take an hour on foot. It was easy walk, and interesting to see the different architecture and looks of locals while walking from one neighbourhood to another. Closer to the Abbey Road, the neighbourhood looked really wealthy.


While walking, I was wondering how to find the exact crossroad where the album jacket photo was shot, but as soon as I turned into Abbey Road, I could spot it straightaway. There were a lot of people who were trying to pose like Beatles and being shot by others on the crossroad when cars were not coming. Though cars kept coming, some honked, but most of the cars slowed down and waited for the tourist finish their fun business. That’s amazing how a famous singer group could create such a culture.

On the way back home, I stopped at an Asian supermarket to get a few Korean stuff. It’s great that I could get most of Korean ingredients out of Korea so easily. If it’s a capital city like London and Paris where many Koreans live, you can find Korean stuff easily, and if you live in a rural city in Europe, you can order at a few online supermarkets and get it delivered to your door. Actually, when I think about it, not only Korean food product is easily reachable out of Korea, but also most other nationalities’ are. And it means, food is something you cannot replace. When you are born and raised in one culture and move to another culture, you can adapt yourself to the new culture, but not food. You need your comfort food when feeling nostalgic. One sure thing is that living abroad makes you a good cook. A real good cook. I am speaking from my experience.

I made customised Spaghetti all’Arrabbiata (with bacon) for dinner. This is my favourite among all kinds of pasta. Pork, garlic, chilli, tomato and long pasta. There is everything that I love in it. Pasta is possibly easiest dish you can make at Airbnb homes where you don’t have all your ingredients stock like back home. I can’t wait to move in to my own flat and fall into cooking madness.

When I just finished washing-up, a girl came into the kitchen and said hello. I was wondering who she was and why she was here, and actually this flat is shared by 3 people. I didn’t see any of them because 2 girls in 2 other rooms were away during the weekend and Chris is on holiday. There are 4 rooms in this flat and one is empty, that’s why Chris put one on Airbnb. Now I understand why there are so many shampoos and shower gels in the bathroom and so many food in many cupboards. I was wondering why there are so many stuff in a flat of one single guy, but nobody mentioned about this flat being shared. I think Chris should mention it on his Airbnb profile. By the way, her name is Ali, and the other girl who is coming back tomorrow is Lenka. We might have a dinner party one night before I leave. Cool!!


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