Day #17, A Shopaholic at Westfield


August 1, 2016

It has been raining all day.

Actually it’s been drizzling – the word ‘drizzle’ sounds very British to me. I’m sure this word was created in Britain, where it usually ‘drizzles’, not ‘rains’. Maybe that’s why I don’t see many people holding umbrella, cuz you don’t really feel like carrying umbrella if you can help it, and drizzling rain looks like it’s not worth an umbrella.

The best thing do to on a rainy day is go to a huge shopping mall and spend the whole day indoor. Of course there is a tiny risk that you might end up spending a month salary, but you just have to be an adult and responsible for yourself.

I heard about this mega shopping mall called Westfield, 30 minutes walk from home. It was drizzling but I still walked with a rain coat on and an umbrella in one hand. It was a bit chilli walking out there under the rain, but once I got into the Westfield mall I felt a lot better. Wow, all those shops. I am a shopaholic, even though sometimes I don’t buy anything and just do window shopping, I still love it. When I feel down or stressed, I go to a shopping street or a mall where there are endless shops, buy anything or not, spend an hour or two, then I suddenly feel much better. That’s why I should live in a city, relatively big city. I think I can explain why I love it. It goes with my interest and hobby – I love beautiful things, creating and styling, taking photos of them to keep and share. Actually buying and spending money itself don’t give me satisfaction. It’s before buying – look at all those pretty clothes and try on me and see how I look, check on shoes to see what’s the trend this year, browsing the kitchen section and draw an image of my new kitchen in the future etc. And if I like something a lot and if I can afford it, I buy it without hesitating. That’s why my friends call me a compulsive shopper.

Today? Well… I was half reasonable half compulsive.

When I spotted a big Apple sign, I got in to have a look at the Apple Watch (I have been really curious to try the watch myself), and I ended up buying a new iphone – actually upgrading, cuz I sold the old one back to the Apple Store. Reason? Cuz my old one had only 8 GB storage, which doesn’t give me any room to take photos. While my phone was icloud backing to swap, I chatted with the seller, Harry, who is from Germany. Again, as many foreign residents in London, he speaks many many languages. He lived in Germany until he was 10 and lived in other countries incl Denmark, and now he is in London and might move to somewhere else again soon. I love this kind of small talks.

The next purchase was shoes, nice ‘smart casual’ style shoes. I’ve got an interview in a luxury retailer in a couple of days, and the dress code should be ‘smart casual’, so I was told. I already got a job in Manchester which starts on 15 Aug, although the job contract isn’t signed yet, I’m sure it’s mutual agreement by email and things won’t change. But I still wanna try an interview in London, see how it goes in a luxury fashion sector. It would be very different from friendly telephone interviews that I had with the company in Manchester for sure. So I will prepare the interview, dress properly in smart casual fashion, feel like I am a career woman in London – a bit like an actress in a movie. That would be fun even just for the show.

Next? Salt and pepper mills. Decent and good looking ones. I haven’t got salt and pepper yet, I need to get some anyway, and I like to have mills for a proper taste. It wasn’t very expensive in a Next store.

The last stop was at M&S. I needed to get some ingredients to make Gimbap (Korean maki roll) to bring to my ex accommodation for my friends. The hostel friends are my FIRST friends in London, and I really feel good with them, so I wanna make a nice surprise. I hope that I won’t offend the hostel chef by bringing food.

Voilà, this was my shopaholic day.


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