Day #18, Gimbap vs Maki

August 2, 2016

I made Gimbap and brought them to my friends at the hostel. I made 8 rolls and it took me an hour and half.

Some of them loved it and some of them didn’t even try. I’ve got some leftovers, I will make something out of it tomorrow, maybe Bibimbap or something.

I haven’t got a nice photo shot from today’s Gimbap, so I uploaded one from some time ago.

Gimbap is an easy and good looking Korean dish that you can prepare for your non-Korean friends to try, and that’s usually successful.

There is a difference between Japanese Maki and Korean Gimbap. I am not sure who made it first, but one sure thing is, there is Maki in Japan, and there is Gimbap in Korea. Japanese one is usually with raw stuff in it, and not many ingredients, such as salmon, cucumber, avocado etc. Korean one is with cooked and at least 5 different ingredients, such as carrot, ham, omelet, radish, spinach, can tuna, cooked beef etc. The seasoning of rice is different too. Japanese seasoning is mix of Mirin (Japanese vinegar), sugar and salt, Korean seasoning is with sesame oil, sesame seeds and salt. So, the preference is really upto each person.

Talking about food after midnight always makes me hungry, and that’s when I crave for junk food. That’s why I never stock cookies and chips at home. Not that easy to stay healthy concerned.

I’m gonna fall asleep with hungry stomach and dream about Bibimbap that I’m gonna eat tomorrow morning!


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