Day #19, A Smart Casual Woman in the City Centre


August 3, 2016

I’ve never thought I would be insomniac. It’s something new that I’ve developed recently, probably after what had happened with my ex. Anyway, when I have something going on in mind, I can’t fall asleep and whatever in my brain keeps getting other thoughts and images, and I end up falling asleep in the morning when it’s already bright. I had to get up early this morning and the same thing happened last night, so I slept only 3 hours…

I had Bibimbap, a banana and strong coffee for breakfast. I needed a big breakfast so that I don’t shake with hunger during the job interview.

I put makeup on nicely, a bit more than usual, dressed ‘smart casually’, and  got out 30 minutes earlier than I had to, cuz I like getting to an appointment earlier than late. I got on a bus and went into the tube station, and… oh no… hell, this kind of thing happens when it shouldn’t happen, always!!! There were severe delays on most tube lines because of some kind of signal failure at one point. I was wondering if I should take buses instead, but an application said it was supposed to take double time and I didn’t have that much time. So I waited and waited with many other people (who looked so cool about this situation, nobody was complaining!). When the train finally came, I was nearly running late. I was going to walk for 10 minutes from my tube stop to my final destination, but I decided to take a bus so that I could be on time for the interview. And when I got on the bus, I didn’t have enough money on my Oyster card… Shit… Why do these things happen only when I can’t afford it? Bloody hell! So I started running, and sending a short email to the person in contact of the company while running. Sometimes I could be very multifunctional!

I got there 15 minutes late, which was really embarrassing. You should never be late for a job interview, you don’t look professional and serious. But they said it happens in London all the time, so it’s wasn’t a big problem.

I had 2-hour long interview, and I will have the answer in about 2 weeks. That means, I should drop this and move to Manchester! The job in Manchester starts on 15 August, so I can’t wait for the answer of this company that long. Now I don’t have to make a decision of my life that could’ve been very difficult to make. I will focus on moving to Manchester from tonight.


After the interview, I stopped at a café, Shoreditch Grind, that I’ve heard of a lot on Instagram pages, which was the right next door of the building where I was. I had soy latte, a little custard pie, and friendly small talk of the staff with smile. God that’s something I love about Anglophone countries. I don’t remember if I had any friendly service in a café in Paris. It’s not even NOT FRIENDLY, it’s rather COLD. When I went to Paris for the first time, it was a real culture shock, and even after 6 years of life in France, I still can’t get used to their coldness.

Having spent an hour at the café, I decided to walk around. I didn’t wanna go home just yet since I was nicely dressed. While walking, I spotted a sign Museum of London, so I got in. Another free attraction in London. It shows the history of London from the BC era with photos of the finds of the Thames and the changes of the city, lots of archeological stuff, models of houses and buildings, videos etc. The most interesting thing that caught my eyes was a room with a light sign ‘London 2012’ on the floor. I was wondering what happened in 2012, and you can see the answer once you are in. The Olympic Games. A big monitor was showing the opening ceremony of the game repeatedly, and that was beautiful. The opening ceremonies are usually very impressive. I don’t remember why I didn’t watch the ceremony 4 years ago, but I will definitely watch the one in Rio on Friday night.

Back home, I made hot & spicy chicken stir-fry with bean sprouts and Bok Choy, and did laundry.

I am off to bed with my iPad in hand.



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