Day #20, A Night Owl Has A Reason


August 4, 2016

I spent a few hours on the net looking for Airbnb homes and flats in Manchester last night, and fell asleep some time after 2am as usual, whereas I was super tired from lack of sleep the night before.

I’ve been like that forever – being a night owl and never a morning person, I thought I was lazy because I stayed like a zombie until noon all my life (I pushed myself with lots of coffee in the morning when I had to be awake) and that’s how I was blamed by my mom who had hard time waking me up every single day for more than 20 years. I remember one day when I was in primary school, I didn’t go to school because I fell back asleep after my mom went out early for a business, and I was punished when she found that out at the end of the school year.

The funny thing is, I am like that in whatever the time zone. When I travel between Korea and Europe, I suffer from jetlag like everyone else, but it doesn’t mean that I would wake up early in the morning or go to bed early at night to match with my previous time zone, I simply cannot wake up in the ‘local’ morning without a help of an alarm clock or someone.

But then, I recently read an article about this, and they said that it’s in our DNA! There was a study in a bio company in the US, and a doctor said “In this study we set out to discover more about an individual’s preference toward early rising, and were able to identify the genetic associations with ‘morningness’ as well as ties to lifestyle patterns and other traits.” Yeah!! I am not lazy! I was born like this!!

I showed this article to my mom and many others who believed that they must be a morning person to be a better person, but it seemed that they didn’t really believe it! Anyway, from then on, every time someone blames me for being a night owl, I tell them that they should blame my gene, not me.

Talking about being a night owl, my job in Manchester is perfect (to me) when it comes to working hours. I will be handling customers from Korea, meaning working on Korean time, that’s from 10-11pm to 7-8am here. So I won’t have to push myself to get up at 6am to get to work by 8am! That’s one huge plus point of this job. The only thing I have to be careful is to control sleeping and eating time to stay healthy with my weird 24-hour living cycle. I am sure I can manage that.

By the way, I bought a train ticket to Manchester and booked an Airbnb home for a week.

I’ve got a little more than a week to enjoy London.


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