Day #26, A Girl At Prom

August 10, 2016

My time in London is getting to an end. So is Jane’s.

I am leaving for Manchester on Saturday, Jane is flying back home to the US on Monday, and Rosie and Carlotta are going to leave within August.

So, we planned for a big night. We are going to get dressed real fancy on Friday night, and go up to the Sky Garden. Sky Garden is on top of a tall building on the Northern bank of Thames and is a place with 360 degree view of London. And there are some glamorous restaurants and bars, so you gotta be well dressed to get in, so I was told.

So I went shopping for a dress today. It was real fun to try a few dresses and pretend to be a princess. I bought a gorgeous long black dress, matching gold high-heels and a gold clutch. All set for the big night.

I’ve never had that kind of long evening dress in my life, because we don’t have such a thing like prom in Korea. The only chance to wear those kind of princess dress is the MARRIAGE. I mean, not as a guest, as the bride. Even then, you don’t really buy the dress, you borrow it. Because you never get a chance to wear the same wedding dress again in your life, so Korean brides never think of buying it, only a few rich girls who don’t know what to do with their money buy the wedding dress and keep it in their wardrobe. As a guest at someone else’s wedding, you shouldn’t wear too fancy nor too bright, cuz the bride has to be the only standing out person at her wedding, so if you wear something white or even light blue one-piece skirt, people say you don’t have manners.

There is another way to wear dresses often as a Korean girl – work in the entertainment business, being an actress, a singer, a comedian etc. They get to dress up real nice on so many annual ‘Awards’ nights. But not everyone can be in that business of course.

So, girls and ladies in Korea really envy the proms in Anglophone countries. But that’s never gonna happen in conservative Korean schools, at least in 20 years time I guess.

I am so so so excited for the Friday night. Wow I feel like I am 15 year-old girl!


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