Day #28, A Big Night

August 12, 2016 + later in the night

Wow, what a night!

As planned, we went out to Sky Garden.

We met at Rosie and Keila’s room at the hostel and all got dressed up. Putting makeup, doing hair and helping each other for better look, got photos of us taken with a help of a new roommate who just checked in for the night and bravely walked to a Tube station in sexy dresses.

When we arrived at the building, there was a long line at the ground floor. Obviously there are lots of people who know the secret of this place – gotta book 3 weeks in advance but can get in without after 9, that is.

Once up there, wow, that’s another world. Dark dim red atmosphere, live music with people dancing, lots of well-dressed happy people, countless cocktails which were being made, 360 degree London view, etc etc. We did a tour first while taking photos of the night view of London, and sat down with drinks.

Then when Rosie checked her msg, she became pale and talked about some kind of theft at her room. We didn’t understand at first what was going on, and actually another of her roommate sent her msg telling her someone robbed the room and took their laptops. OMG. We tried to figure out what’s going on by exchanging more msgs with the roommate and she got her laptop stolen and police came, but wasn’t sure if others’ got stolen too etc. I was really worried too because I left my bag with wallet full of IDs and a house key in their room! We wanted to enjoy the night no matter what at first, but decided to go back to the hostel right away. We took a taxi back, and for most of us it was the first real taxi ride in London.

We got back and police has already left, but the roommate was still awake and told us everything. We stayed at the reception area and spent some time talking. At one point one of the night staff of the hostel came and told us what the police found out, and the thief was a guy, not from this hostel. Rosie and Keila got their laptops stolen but not much else, and my stuff was still there. Funny thief, he only took laptops. Whoever it was, he’d been watching the room from out there and got in through the open window as soon as we left.

Some time later in the middle of the night, we got changed and said goodbyes. Jane and Ifi walked me to the bus stop, waited for the bus with me. We had big hugs to say goodbye. Jane is going back to the US and might spend some time studying in the Netherlands next year, so she won’t be too far. Ifi is planning to settle down in London, keep working where she works at the moment, so we might see each other soon. Rosie and Keila will be in the UK too, so it’s not too bad!

It was a, excited, fun, tiring, unreal night.


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