Day #29, Hello, Manchester!

August 13, 2016

Moving day.

I knew I would have too much luggage. I shopped too many clothes. Shit. I had one huge suitcase, a smaller suitcase, a M&S shopping bag full of food ingredients (mostly bottles, heavy!), another big shoulder bag full of makeup stuff, a camera bag and a small cross-bag. Holy hell.

So I called Uber to Euston station. Thankfully, the platforms are on the ground level, so I didn’t have to worry about looking for an elevator which might not even be there. I got to the platform as soon as the number came up, got on the train and put all the luggage when there was nobody waiting at the back of me. One step done.

When I got to Manchester station, I felt so so relieved when I spotted the elevator. I called Uber to my Airbnb home. I spent more money on Uber than on the train between London and Manchester today. Well, I didn’t have any choice, if I wanted to keep all my stuff. It’s done now, I’ve got only one more moving when I get a flat, but I will rent a car and drive myself for that.

My Airbnb host is Margaret, originally from Jamaica but a UK citizen. A lady of 60 something whose daughter just turned to 50. She looks a lot younger than her age.

She made me a cup of tea and I instantly felt like home. Her house looks immaculate, has a small but well looked after garden, flowers everywhere, super clean bathroom, and the best thing is, she doesn’t wear shoes inside! I decided to stay here for 3 weeks. I can take time to look for a nice flat that I really like.

I’ve got a good feeling of this city.

Hello Manchester, nice to meet you!


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