Day #30, A Little Tour Of The City Centre

August 14, 2016

I got up at 11am this morning.

Moving is tiring, and arranging all the stuff nicely in my room for a proper living takes time and energy too.

I still went out to the city centre, to check the commuting time to my work from here, and to see what it’s like. It takes about 45 minutes door to door, so I might leave an hour earlier tomorrow morning.

I went to the mall area, where there are lots of shops and shopping centers on pedestrian streets. All the shops there are open, whereas it’s Sunday today. It’s a big improvement from French cities where you don’t find any shop open on Sundays, not even a supermarket. If they ever do, they open only in the morning. Bakeries and florists are open though, because freshly baked baguette is the core of French life and they do Sunday family lunch or invite friends, so flowers are sold a lot on Sundays. But once you get used to it, it’s not too bad. It helps you plan your weekend meals in advance and that could lead you to healthier life style. Because, when you are out in the city on a Sunday shopping, you end up eating street food or in a burger joint, cuz you are tired from shopping and do not have energy to cook a nice meal back home (That’s exactly what I did today, I had greasy Beef Chow Mein from a street stand).

There were a lot of people at the mall and at Picadilly Garden. This park is a small green area in the middle of the city, which is the terminus of most buses in Manchester. There was a busker with African music on, encouraging watchers to dance with him. It reminded me of the one at the Southbank in London. Both have African origin, they are amazing in their body movement and energy. So cool. I am really fond of black coloured people. I guess they naturally have certain styles and spirits wherever they are born and grown up. Maybe that’s why I chose my Airbnb hosts ‘black’ both in London and in Manchester.

I had some salad back home and had a bit of chat with Margaret.

I am dead tired, and a bit nervous for my first day at work tomorrow.


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