Day #31, Overloaded


August 15, 2016

Yes! First day at work! And such a beautiful day too!

I woke up at 6am with an alarm, shit I didn’t sleep much. I don’t know when I am gonna get used to early-night-early-morning pattern. I think I will get used to it in about 4 weeks time when I finish the training session at work, and I will have to switch my sleeping pattern back to my usual timing for night work shift. I suffer from jetlag in one city. Funny.

Anyway, let me talk about my job, or rather my company, cuz I didn’t learn much about the job itself yet.

My company is COOL. As I already found out on the internet and expected. I can’t believe the speed of its growth. Look at the training session. They already had some people who started on 1 August, and today I had training with 11 others and that was only half of those who started today. In this cool building the company uses a few floors and one whole floor is dedicated to training. And the canteen. Literally amazing. There are lots of free stuff, such as coffee, tea, fruits, breakfast, juice etc, and lunch menu is only £2.50. Wow. I will get to try the canteen food from tomorrow and I am already hungry.

I was wondering if I could see the HR staff who had interviewed me on the phone, but maybe it’s not the time yet. We all only got to meet the new starters one another and our trainer today, but I am sure I will get to see her in time.

The training was very intensive. Had 15 minutes breaks now and then, but only 30 minutes for lunch, so I was a bit late back for the afternoon training.

Ah, by the way, there was another Korean girl for the job! Her family name was Kim, so I was sure she was Korean and when I talked to her she was also surprised to see a Korean. I am curious to know if there are other Korean workers here already. There should be, because I had to submit a test in Korean before I had a ‘Yes’ for the job, it means there is somebody who assessed my work, doesn’t it? Anyway, I was happy to meet a Korean in Manchester where I don’t have any friend, colleague or friend not sure yet, but still good.

I was super tired all day with every reason, but I still went to a bank to see about opening bank account, stopped at an Asian grocery and made Yakisoba back home. AND homework from today’s training! That’s why I am still up and writing my blog, whereas I need to get up at 6am again… I guess I should be more reasonable, if I wanna be able to work with my brain full powered during the training.

OK, off to bed.


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