Day #32, Overloaded 2


August 16, 2016

It’s 10.20pm, and my eyes are half closed.

Fortunately I had dinner early and finished my homework early. Dinner was very satisfying Tortilla Pizza of Chorizo, Prosciutto, fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and some dried herbs. I didn’t have hand to carry around a pot of basil on the way home, so just dropped the idea of making it perfect. Anyway, Margaret tried it too and loved it! She said she is not much of a cook, always ate already-made or processed food, and now she is getting old and unhealthy so she is starting to think about having healthy food. I really love to make her some Korean healthy meal on weekends.

Today was another intensive training day, but it feels a bit easier to understand today than yesterday, kind of getting to know the stuff?

On the way home, I stopped at a bank again to open an account, and this time it might work. I just need to wait for a week to see if I get a positive email from the bank.

And I also called 2 property agents to arrange the viewing of flats, but they both took the memo and said they would call me back tomorrow. I can’t answer the phone while in the training, just hope they call me during break time.

My To Do List is a metre-long – bank account, give the info to the job, find a flat, change the address on many websites, apply NI number, change credit card details on many applications, ask mom to send me my money, change driver’s licence, check how to use medical insurance etc etc. I really want to get the job done as quickly as possible. I started a job, but I am still not settled in the UK, far from it.

My brain is overloaded again. The only way to unload a bit is to get things done, right? God it’s frustrating how long it takes to get anything done in western countries compared to Korea. Obviously I haven’t learned to be patient while in France for 6 years.


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