Day #35, Hurray!!!

August 19, 2016

Well, well, well.

My old habit always comes back whenever I don’t have to get up early the next morning. It’s past 1am and I just had a shower and got into bed with my iPad, now writing a diary.

OK, about today, first of all, the assessment!!

I passed!!! Yeah!!!!!!

When I did a ‘test’ assessment last night after going through all the necessary modules once more, I got 60. 60!!! I need to get more than 80 to pass, and I had 60. Wow. I became really nervous then, started worrying about not being able to work here, got paranoid, thinking I might have to go back to London and start searching jobs all over again! And worse, I couldn’t fall asleep because of all these worries.

I was going to get up earlier, get to work earlier and go through my note once more, but because of short night I got up at usual time and got to work at usual time.

Fortunately Andrew went through the points which would be in the assessment just before we got on to the real one, and it helped a lot. We can check how much points we got from the assessment straightaway, and I had just over average 90. Sooooooo relieved. It could have been better if I got 100 of course, but I cannot get full mark at this stage. I don’t know and/or understand everything, and I think we all should know everything to be on the job. Because our job is something to do with customers LIVE, which means we won’t have a lot of time to ask around or google in detail when we can’t find the answer, and any incapable worker will cause dissatisfaction from a customer. I really hope I would know everything by the end of the training.

Now, coffee. The freshly ground coffee from my favourite café Rise was very good. I don’t remember the origin (I asked for Guatemala but they didn’t have it, so I just didn’t pay attention to the name), but they’ve got only two kinds at once, so I would be able to figure out easily next time. Coffee itself came out very light when I brewed in Moka compared to the ground coffee from supermarkets, but the aroma was much deeper and better. But still, it’s too expensive compared to the ones at supermarkets. I guess I could find something as good with the price in between.

After work I stopped by two more property agencies not far from work, and they had the same type of flats in a same building with £50 difference. Whatever the reason, I asked for the viewing for both. So now I have 3 viewings, one on Sunday, another on Monday and the last on next Saturday, and I really hope one of them is perfect for me and I would be able to sign the contract. Then I will finally have my HOME in UK. Getting there, slowly.

On the way out of the last property agency, a tall glass building with fast-moving cloud on a blue sky at the background caught my eyes. For a second I thought the building was leaning like the one in Pisa! Nice illusion. This building is called Beetham Tower, the tallest in UK out of London. I’d like to go up there for the view one day, but not sure if I can even go up as a tourist because it’s Hilton Hotel building. One more thing on my To Do List of Manchester.

My eyes are closing itself. Off to bed.


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