Day #36, My Day: Bed, Couch, Movie on TV, Coffee, Quick Noodle Stirfry

August 20, 2016

I got up at 12pm this morning. Yes I needed to catch up my sleeping hours, I slept for 5 hours a night on average for the last 5 nights, which means I need to catch up 15 hours so 12pm was even too early!

It was rainy and windy when I got up. I went down to the kitchen and Margaret wasn’t there, she must have gone out. It was very chilly in the house, so I put a bowl of muesli and soy milk in the microwave to make quick porridge. Whoever invented muesli, this person has to get a prize for food, something equivalent to Nobel Prize. I guess there must be something already, at least in the US. It is fantastic stuff. Quick, nutritious, delicious, comforting etc. This is one of the stuff that I really like in Anglophone culture, actually, I like the breakfast in Anglo countries more than in France and in Korea. French breakfast is too light so I get hungry too soon, and Korean breakfast is very similar to lunch and dinner so it’s too heavy. If I get up early enough tomorrow morning, I will treat myself eggs and bacon. Yum!!

After porridge, I sat with a huge mug of coffee on the couch and talked to my best friend in Korea, telling her how I am going with everything here. And then did some networking, FB, Twitter, Instagram and many other stuff. While doing so, my ‘sitting’ position became ‘leaning’ position at some point.

In the late afternoon Margaret got back home and I wanted to make something quick but healthy and delicious for both of us. So I took some egg noodle out, sauces, vegs and some charcuterie which was left from last week, boiled the noodle, chopped and sautéed vegs and meat, mixed all in sauce and added nuts on the top. Super quick, easy and healthy homecooked meal was ready. Margaret loved it. She is rally trying to get rid of some fat from her body and stay healthy, so she really liked this low calorie dish. She even made lemon + ginger + honey tea to drink every morning.

After early dinner we watched The Bourne Supremacy on TV. I’ve already watched all the Bourne series except the latest one, but I always understand better when I watch any film the second time. I think this Matt Damon is the perfect cast for this role. I can’t think of any other actor to replace him if he decides not to do it anymore. I’d like to watch Jason Bourne at the movies, and the Bridget Jones’s Baby too. I love romantic comedies!


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