Day #39, I Want To Be Settled!


August 23, 2016

Yes, it was my second assessment day.

I was really stressed about one part that I get wrong a lot, and I got 90 for it. Other parts? 100 each!! I wasn’t sure if I could pass it so well, well, short nights paid it off!

By the way, my neighbouring girl who couldn’t really follow the training didn’t come today. It looks like she didn’t pass and not allowed here anymore after the resit of the first test, but no one talked about it out loud.

I still have important tests on Thu and Fri, I won’t sleep much on Wed &Thu nights, so I am going to bed earlier than usual tonight, which is before midnight. It’s 11:20 now, I gotta finish my diary quick and snuggle up in the duvet.

I went to see two more property agencies after work. I made arrangement for viewing tomorrow after work and next Tuesday. I think I shouldn’t be too picky. The other one from yesterday had wooden floor in the lounge area but carpet in the bedroom, and no balcony, so I decided not to take it. But other than the carpet and no balcony, it was really nice with red brick walls and all. I really hope the one tomorrow is the one for me. It’s in cool area with canal next to it and also the closest to my work.

Ah, the bank, they haven’t relied to confirm if they would open an account for me. I wonder when I am gonna be able to get paid from my job.

Enough for today, off to bed.


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