Day #41, Another Big Day


August 25, 2016

Right, another big day, it was.

I slept less than 5 hours last night, woke up with a loud alarm, got up at once and had a shower to really wake up. I went down to the kitchen and made a strong coffee and had breakfast of 3 PB&Js.

Again, I was really worried about the today’s test because I couldn’t memorize everything that I needed to know, plus my brain didn’t fully work due to lack of sleep. I had to push myself to focus on the monitor and read everything carefully, and I used up the whole hour that I was given for the test today, whereas I finished earlier on other tests. The result? Got 95 on average! Yeah!!!! Short night paid it off again! I’ve got the practical (and possibly the last) test tomorrow, so I don’t really have much to read and memorize from what I’ve written, I just have to remember to pay attention to the details and take time not to miss any information.

I went to the flat to sign the contract after work, but of course it didn’t work at once. I need more documents from Korea as the law on housing rental is very strict in UK (maybe similar to the one in France, the only difference is that the agents here look like they are eager to help). I really wanted to get it done, so I sent a msg to my mom through an app messenger on the way home and the time in Korea was 3am. I didn’t expect my mom awake but she saw my msg when she woke up for the loo and replied to me, and prepared all the necessary documents. During the process, she had to wake up my brother by calling him to figure out how to use the scanner and get the docs on her computer. Well… one daughter who migrated to another country costs a lot of people’s energy and time… That’s why the flat has to be signed by tomorrow, and UK bank account, NI number and my payment etc will go as smoothly as possible. Please God help me.

Back home, I talked to Margaret during dinner, and she told me about this British girl who was murdered by a French male roommate in a backpackers in Australia yesterday. OMG. How horrible is that? I couldn’t believe my ears so I read the whole article on a paper. I can’t imagine how her family feels right at the moment. I stayed in mixed dorms in backpackers when travelling in Australia many years ago, and I found it totally ok and safe, but when I read this article just now? I wouldn’t do it anymore. Maybe everyone who stays in a shared room in any hostel in any part of the world might feel scared after this incident. I guess the number of working holiday visa applicants to Australia will drop dramatically after today. And maybe all mixed dorms will be banned in hostels. Whatever is done after today, she won’t come back to life though. May she rest in peace.


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