Day #42, Frustrated

August 26, 2016

I have been in shitty mood today, all day long.

Firstly, I was physically super tired from lack of sleep the whole week, and there was this test to think about. The test went fine, I got 100 whereas I didn’t get one right and Andrew told me off when I called him for help.

But during the morning break, I found out that my parcels from Korea were returned to the depot a few times after delivery failure for some reason. I couldn’t really concentrate on the test because of this bad news. During lunch time I called Margaret to ask her if she had any slip from a delivery company, and she said no and she told me she didn’t want anything to get delivered to her home. What the hell? When I asked her if I could get some stuff delivered on the first day and she didn’t show any objection clearly so I asked my mom to send the boxes straightaway and she paid a few hundreds pounds! I don’t know how many more times they will try to deliver, but if the delivery is failed continuously they might return the parcels back to Korea and it’s gonna cost my mom again! I was devastated and I lost my appetite and skipped lunch. I wasn’t even hungry.

I spent the afternoon class in a hazy mood from all those reasons above, I hope Andrew didn’t notice it.

After work I went to the flat to ‘try’ to sign the housing contract again with the documents from my mom. But when they checked the docs, they looked really sorry because the docs are all in Korean and they need someone to translate it to see if they are qualified docs. So I need to wait again until Tuesday because Monday is Bank Holiday, whatever it is. Bloody hell. Nothing gets done in this country. I know this feeling. This is exactly what I felt in France many times. Nothing gets done in one shot and it takes ages to get it done. Yes it gets done in the end, but with what cost? My time and energy and stress and everything. Well, maybe this is what I have to go through as an immigrant who doesn’t have any family or friend in UK? Fortunately I’ve got some money to feed and accommodate myself until things get done. I am not even sure if I will be able to move in to this flat on expected date. They might ask more docs from Korea and it’s gonna delay everything on my list again.

Back home, I talked to Margaret about the delivery. She told me I could keep the parcels in my room as long as I am here to collect. She is not going to stay home to collect them and sign for me, because it’s just not right thing to do. Fair enough. Sounds like she only follows right paths all the time and never be flexible for anyone, well I can understand that. She is how she is and it’s her home anyway.

I called the delivery company but they’ve already closed. I will call them first thing in the morning tomorrow.

Off to bed at 8pm.


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