Day #44, Gay Talk


August 28, 2016

I had a long night of sleep. I so needed it after all this stress of the parcel problem.

Actually, this weekend is a long weekend in England with next Monday off for Summer Bank Holiday, and the famous Manchester Pride Festival is held this weekend. I really wanted to see as I have never seen any in my life, so I went out today with my camera.

According to the information that I found on the web, the big parade was yesterday, so I missed it. But I was sure there must be some places with rainbow flags and lots of people around, so I picked Gay Village and went there. Spot on! Wow. I’ve never seen so many gay guys at once in my life! I passed a place with street sellers lined up, and spotted one stand with a flag saying ‘Some people are gay, get over it’. Why would they have this kind of catchphrase? It means, gays are not very much accepted in this country either? That’s surprising.

It reminds me of the Pride Festival in Seoul last June. I was in Seoul then, and this was such an issue. Many people were against it, just because they are different. Many people went to the parade spot to stop the parade by lying down on the streets. They blame gays for influencing their children to become gay. That’s very Korean. Unbelievably narrow-minded and conservative. It’s exactly like, some parents want to block any information on becoming an artist against their children because they want them to become a lawyer. They don’t want to show their children everything, they don’t want their children experience as many things as possible in the world, because they are worried their children might want to do something they don’t like. They only show their children what they want them to see. Sounds familiar? Yeah, sounds like the very expensive trip to North Korea. Tourists going to North Korea can see what the NK gov want them to see. South Korea is much more liberal than NK on appearance, but deep inside of so many people, they are also very dictatorial. Not only the father of the current president was a dictator, but also many ordinary Koreans are certainly dictators wherever they can.

I don’t understand why so many people don’t accept the difference. Everyone is different, and everyone knows it. Being gay or straight, who cares? I totally understand why so many gay people in Korea can’t come out, and eventually run away from Korea if possible. There is one TV guy who came out in 2000, and he had such a hard time then. I can’t imagine what kind of time he had to go through just because he told people who he was.

Know what? I can’t even talk about this with my family and close friends in Korea, because they are all against homosexuality and if I ever say what I think they will try to persuade me to change my mind and we will end up fighting. It’s so sad.

I’d like to have a gay friend.


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