Day #45, Expecting Good Relationships


August 29, 2016

It was Summer Bank Holiday today, but I still had training, and the trainers worked today too. There were not many people though at work, the canteen was short of staff so there were no proper lunch menus ready. Thank God I brought my lunch today. I made too much Bolognese sauce last weekend and I wanted to finish it up. I even had some leftovers for dinner, but I was sick of Spaghetti Bolognese, so I made some wraps with it (and added lots of Tabasco) and it was absolutely delicious. I had it with Extra Stout that I bought at the craft market one Sunday, and they were totally matched.

At work, we did some practical stuff today. The last two weeks training was theoretical, and the coming two weeks is for practical training, actually on the job. Most of my fellow trainees incl me were nervous, but thankfully we didn’t do the hardest one straightaway. The pace was fast as the last two weeks, I just need to revise everything at home. I found it made it easier to understand and remember.

One sad thing is, one of our fellow trainees didn’t show up today. She was our happy virus, always fun and energetic, I really liked her, I thought we could be good friends but now I can’t see her anymore. What a pity. Well, I just hope she would find a better suited job for herself.

The good thing is, this company has such good values, seems like the employees wanted to be happy at work and have fun, and they become friends, not only colleagues. I have never seen nor worked in this kind of environment before. Everyone says ‘colleague is colleague, you don’t make friends at work’, but it looks like this doesn’t apply here. Good news. I love to have close friendship with people that I feel good with, colleague or not, but sometimes that wasn’t mutual and I felt disappointed. I really hope to make many good relationships while working here. This will make my life rich and complete. I need good people around me.

To be part of this well-valued company environment, I brought a good looking card that I bought at the craft market, and asked my fellow trainees to write a little comment each to thank Andrew for the last two weeks. He had been such a good trainer, bit scary sometimes but totally necessary to train us to the best. He looked happy when I gave him the card.

It’s been only two weeks + one day at work so far, and I like it more and more regardless super speedy hard training.



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