Day #46, Early Morning, Early Delicious Dinner

korean bbq salad.jpg

August 30, 2016

Second day of practical job training.

Actually, it wasn’t too bad! I stayed idle for the first 2 hours due to a technical problem with my work account, but I still had a few real situations and it went fine. Much better than I thought. Now I am less nervous and I think I can do it better tomorrow. I didn’t feel my brain fuming today, I felt great at work. I really hope I get confident and be sure of most of everything in 2 weeks so I do a good job when I am all alone without trainers to answer my questions.

The only bad thing of this training is that I have to get up at 5:30 in the morning – I never got used to it all my life – and even if I am so so tired early in the evening I still don’t fall asleep until around midnight, dunno why. I know being in front of the monitor doesn’t help falling asleep, well, but I need to write my diary. I am not gonna give up in just a month and a half!

I can’t wait to start my night shifts, it will be perfect for my body cycle!

On my way home, the tram was unusually packed. It was usual rush hour in Manchester but it has never been like this for the last 2 weeks. It was exactly like the so-called ‘hell train’ in Seoul and Tokyo. I kind of felt nostalgic about this – getting stock in jammed train with so many different kinds of smell. Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss it. It was just funny to experience it again out of Seoul.

I thought about what to cook for dinner while in the tram, and as the tram ride reminded me of Korea I wanted to have Korean food tonight. I stopped at a supermarket, checked the meat section, found thick slices of pork belly and decided the menu straightaway. Korean BBQ of Marinated Pork Belly. I didn’t use the real charcoal BBQ but did it on a pan on the stove. Still supa dupa delicious! I got Margaret taste it, cuz I was sure she would love it too –there is no one who doesn’t love Korean BBQ. There are people who never tried it, but there is no one who tried it only once. I saw a Korean restaurant in the city entre serving Korean BBQ, so I told Margaret to try the restaurant if she feels like it later. I might try this restaurant too one day.

Good food always makes me feel fulfilled and satisfied.


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