Day #48, Autumn in Korea


September 1, 2016

Already September, and I heard the weather in Korea dramatically changed from scorching hot summer to chilly autumn in a day, just like the totally different feeling in saying ‘August’ and ‘September’ whereas only one day has passed.

I love European summer, but I love Korean autumn a lot.

Autumn in Korea, especially in late September to October, is amazing for many reasons. Clean and crispy air, high blue sky, not much rain, cool temperature, mixture of yellow and orange and red coloured trees in parks and mountains, you can get cosy in soft knitwear, just perfect to sit alfresco in a café, super photogenic background wherever you take selfie, no need to hesitate to hold hands of your girl/boy friend on the streets, you can enjoy delicious Korean hot soups in restaurants, the list goes on.

I can confidently tell anyone to visit Korea in September and October. Autumn in Korea is one of the few things I miss the most from my country. I’ve got 30 days of holiday a year at my work, I will definitely take some of my holidays in autumn to visit my family next year.

And the weather in Manchester these days feels like the autumn in Korea. It has rained a few days for the last 3 weeks, but mostly it’s been amazing. I can see such nice morning skies from my window when I get ready for work everyday, and beautiful sunset skies in the evenings. Sometimes I wish it would stay like this forever without winter coming.

Most of my pleasant memories are in autumn, and Autumn in New York is one of my favourite movies.

I am off to bed, thinking about which knitwear I’m gonna wear tomorrow.


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