Day #49, Friday Night Out

The Grill on NY St.JPG

September 2, 2016

Finally Friday night!

I have been waiting for tonight all week.

Our team members planned to have a drink and maybe dinner afterwards, cuz one of our members dropped out after 2 weeks training together and everyone missed her. We met her at Market Street and went to a pub, talked and exchanged phone numbers over a drink.

The member who dropped out already got another job, very close to her home and even better paid. I was so happy for her. She was still our happy virus.

Guys left first after drink and us girls went to a nice looking restaurant, The Grill on New York Street near Picadilly Gardens. It looked very chic but the price wasn’t so bad. And they had open kitchen which made me give them more stars. Girls were into white wine today, so I suggested NZ Malbourough Sauvignon Blanc, and they loved it. I had rib eye steak, medium rare, and it was totally melting and juicy. Everyone ordered different dishes and we kind of shared a bit to taste, and honestly, rib eye was the best.

Over dinner, we started conversation about our job, and ended up talking about our personal lives. I shared mine, and actually 2 other girls had similar marriage history as me. We had such a good time, talked a lot, of course if there were guys the conversation might have been a bit different but still good, but girls need only girls’ time, if you know what I mean.

Actually, it was our team’s first get-together and we promised to make the Friday night out tradition. Every Friday night possible, we will try out different restaurants, and maybe brunches on some weekend mornings, just like in Sex and the City.


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