Day #50, UK Road Trip

September 3, 2016

I moved to another Airbnb home this morning.

I had sooooooo much luggage – two suitcases, 4 boxes that I’ve received from Korea, a camera bag, several shopping bags…. Fortunately the new host is a really kind and cool girl, she came to pick me up! Unbelievable! It has been raining today and she loaded all my stuff in her car under the rain. I really need to think about how to thank her. She is Muslim so she doesn’t want the guest cook any pork dish at home, I can do that for her at least. I am pork lover but one week without pork won’t kill me. I guess I can cook a nice Korean meal or two for dinner.

Once at her place, we talked about ourselves a bit. She is really easy to talk to. She is born and bred Mancunian, so it’s a little bit hard to understand when she speaks really fast with a strong accent. I think I should listen to the Manchester radio or watch Manchester news to get used to the accent here. I am too used to BBC news and Hollywood accent.

Talking about accent, I am really curious to travel all over UK and Ireland to see the difference in people and culture. I’ve got 2 weeks of holiday to take until the end of this year, I might as well rent a car and do a road trip in mainland UK during my holiday. That will be fantastic.

I am so excited just thinking about it. My ex husband told me “my travel starts when I start planning and researching” when I made fun of him preparing a travel 6 months in advance, and now I kind of think it’s very true and I do the same without realising it. It’s scary how much one person can influence on the other when sharing a life for a long time. It is also scary whenever I realise the reason why I behave in a certain way at a certain moment so naturally – yes, I did that because of him for a long time and it became my habit. It feels like I lost my identity and try to do something that I didn’t usually do for myself. Sometimes I am confused and not sure about myself, and my best friend told me that she couldn’t recognise me at some point, because I acted differently from how she remembered. I’m talking about 30 years of friendship here.

Well, let me find myself through a lone road trip later this year.


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