Day #51, Explore Manchester Cafés


September 4, 2016

My muscles screamed this morning. Moving is tiring and I really do not want to move any more. I still have one more moving to go. I really hope things work fine and I finally move into my own flat on Saturday and don’t have to move for the next few years.

I wanted to stay in but had to get out, because I forgot a few stuff in a freezer at Margaret’s. I went to pick it up at noon, and decided to explore one more café in town – the third café so far, Foundation Coffee House. I initially wanted to try Moose Café which is meant to be the best in Manchester according to one of my colleagues, but it was packed and I had to wait for an hour, so I moved to another one on my list.

This café looks very cool when you look at it from the other side of the street – people with Mac Book at the huge windows. Inside is also cool with high ceiling and industrial interior. But coffee and food is not as great as the look – maybe my expectation was too high from the coolest appearance. Coffee was not as acidic as the first two cafés I’ve tried so far, so it was a good point to my taste, but the aroma was not as good as the other two either. They don’t have interesting breakfast menu but a few sweet stuff. They sell coffee packs as others, and the price was the lowest – £6/250g only. But I didn’t buy the coffee here.

I walked to the Market Street to do some grocery shopping at Aldi. I bought prawns, a few kinds of vegs and fruits, and I paid less that £10. Amazingly cheap. They’ve got freshly baked bread too, it’s good because it’s not easy to find a bakery in England. In France, you can find bakeries in cities, towns and villages easily, because bread is the core of French life. The staple in British food culture is also bread I guess, but why there aren’t many bakeries even in big cities? There are many different kinds of bread in supermarkets but those are not fresh and contain E-numbered substance. I don’t want to put those stuff in my body every single day. I should look for bakeries in Manchester more seriously.

On the way home, I stopped at a coffee/tea store that I found the other day, bought a pack of Guatemala Antigua. I will surely have delicious coffee tomorrow morning.


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