Day #52, Shellshocked

September 5, 2016

I was really excited today, cuz I thought I would finally pay the flat and sign the tenancy agreement. I couldn’t wait to finish work.

I went straight to the appartment to see Lee who has been taking care of my case, which is really complicated and annoying, he printed out the 20 pages of agreement for me and let me read it. And finally paying time… both Lee and I were nervous, because it’s huge amount of money and paying with foreign credit card is never an easy task. 

Well, as I worried, the payment was rejected. I talk to my mom who received text msgs from her CC company whenever Lee tried the payment with the card, and she said her CC company in Korea blocked the card cuz someone has been trying to pay big amount overseas a few time. Fair enough. So she called the CC company – it was 2am over there – and talked to someone and unblocked it. Lee tried it again but still didn’t work, due to the limit of payment of the card. And the person on the line with my mom didn’t know the limit of her card nor couldn’t upgrade the limit. So Lee tried smaller amount again but still didn’t work. 

Shit… I started becoming nervous. On the other hand, Lee looked so calm and assured me that we will manage it. He suggested bank transfer. But it would take a few days and the agency need to receive money by Friday to let me in on Saturday. Hell. I do not want to move around Airbnb homes with so much luggage any more.

So, my mom will go to the bank first thing tomorrow morning and ask about the payment limit of the card and if I can pay under the limit for a few times in a row. If it’s possible, I will pay in a few slots of smaller amount. Or, she could ask upgrade of the limit. That would be the best. 

I was soooooo devastated after 2 hours of trying and failing and annoying mom at 2am, and I am still emotionally affected. 

Well, in the worst case, I will have to find another Airbnb and move once more before I could move into my own flat.

Please God help me.


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