Day #53, Love Being In Love

September 6, 2016

The only thing that hangs around in my brain these days is the FLAT.

I am following lots of chefs, architects, food magazines and house magazines on my SNS, and I see such good looking dishes and homes every single day. And all those images will affect my home styling and the food that I am gonna cook in my own flat. I really can’t wait to be there.

If everything goes as planned, I’m moving in this Saturday, and my plan is to go to IKEA straightaway and get every big and small stuff that I need at home. Fortunately the flat is furnished, so I don’t have to buy huge stuff, but still, I will have to buy the whole store, from a set of cutleries to a laundry hanger to towels and bed sheets. I will be very tired after a big party on Friday night, but I will surely go to IKEA and get the most of the job done to set up my new home.

Even, I kind of think about having a housewarming party when my home is ready to be shown. I will invite my trainee team members and trainers, my future real team members and anyone who want to come. BYO drinks and I will prepare nibblings. It will be so much fun!

I love doing this kind of thing, and those 5 cool values of my company suit me very well. I love doing stuff with my people, I love having fun with friends, I love getting things done at work as well as in my personal life, I love straight talking and I love being different. If I can add one more, I love being passionately in love with as many things as possible.

Honestly, when I read those values on the job offer description before applying for the job, I really thought “Oh yes, there really is a fate in life.” because this company’s values were exactly my values. I was meant to find the job offer of this company, I was meant to come to England in July. The name Manchester sounded very attractive to my ears for a long time, I was meant to be here.

Feels like I am falling in love with Manchester.

When the fall comes with colours, I will be in love more.


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