Day #54, Do Not Come To Live In UK Alone With Empty Hands

September 7, 2016

I feel like crying.

I went to see the property agent again to finalise the payment today, wih a big hope that it would work this time. We tried the whole amount but failed, whereas my mom’s bank upgraded the limit of payment. We tried smaller amount and it worked! So we tried the same amount once more, but failed again due to “insufficient funds”. What the hell? There is more than enough amount in the account, but why insufficint?? 

God it’s soooooooo annoying. I still have some payment left to be able to move in on Saturday, and if the card is rejected again when we try once more tomorrow, my mom will have to transfer the money to the agency’s bank account, and it usually takes at least a few days. It means I can’t move in this Saturday as planned. 

My mom was up again, at 2am in Korea, she was tired and I was tired and sick of this shit. She couldn’t help much cuz she did everything she could at her end. Nobody knows why the card is rejected with “insufficient funds”, some kind of unknown being is in the middle of this transaction?? Maybe an international banking system sort of thing that watches every international transaction?? Even if so, why would they stop my payment? It’s not even close to 0.01% of money laundrying that happens internationally every single day! 

I have one more chance to try tomorrow, and no matter it works or not, I’m done with this fxxxxxx foreign card payment.

A life of a lone new comer in UK (or in Europe in general) sucks.


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