Day #55, Relieved

September 8, 2016

At 2am last night while I was sleeping, I had a ‘ding~’ sound on my phone, and that was my mom’s message. She couldn’t wait to tell me the good news.

She went to see someone at her bank first thing in the morning and asked what happened with the credit card payment, and actually they didn’t tell her clearly from the first place. The upgraded limit was only for paying inside South Korea, and overseas payment limit was still the same. And the limit was per transaction per day. That’s why it worked once and didn’t work second time. So she told me I could pay once more today, and the rest tomorrow. 

She didn’t wanna be misunderstood for being revengeful by waking me up at 2am, just like I kept her awake that time for the last 2 weeks, but she couldn’t wait.

I was still skeptical, because I was so stressed and nervous everytime I tried to pay with this credit card and disappointed whenever I see the word “declined” on the card machine. That is really really really shit feeling. Depressing, stressful, helpless, lonely, every kind of negative feeling came all together. But I didn’t collapse, partly because I am not a giving up kind of person, partly because people, especially Lee has been so helpful and nice and reassuring. 

So, I paid some amount today, and it worked! I still have small amount to pay tomorrow, and I really hope nothing unexpected comes up and get this annoying job done. I nearly have my own flat now.

Once at home, I looked into moving service. I can’t ask Meena to drive me to my future home and help me move my stuff again, and I am too old to carry boxes and stuff! The service fee isn’t too expensive. Because I move within Manchester and I only need a small van to move boxes and stuff, not heavy furnitures. With less than £40, I will spare my muscle pain the next day.

I know I shouldn’t be too sure about moving in this Saturday, cuz anything can happen if I am so unlucky. But still, just let me be in peace for one evening.


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