Day #56, Party Night

September 9, 2016

Woops, I am running late for my diary for a few days, I need to do it when I can still recall the last few days.

So, Friday, I paid the rest of my upfront rent and got my flat contracted. FINALLY. I couldn’t help but grinning from ear to ear when it was done.

I ran home (Airbnb home for the last night!) to get changed for the party – my company’s Summer Party. My company organises parties for its employees twice a year, and we can enjoy free drinks and snacks and music and dances etc. Isn’t it amazing?

I didn’t want to overdress, so kept it casual but different from my daily fashion, meaning A Skirt. I rarely wear skirt and I don’t even have one that I could wear for normal days. I’ve got many dressy ones that I wear when I go out to fancy places. I should organise those nights with girls more often.

There were lots of people at the party. I could tell ‘over a thousand employees in Manchester headquarters’ is not a lie. I couldn’t find any familiar faces though. My team members and trainers joined a bit late. It was drizzling but we still stayed out on the terrace. It was nice to drink and talk with people, I got to know my colleagues more personally. I expected to meet new faces over a party, but it was not as simple as I thought since many of them (incl us) stayed in their own groups.

Snacks were pizzas and nachos, but I guess it was delicious for everyone since it was late and everyone was hungry. 

I went home at around 1am because I was moving the following day.


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