Day #64, A Birthday Cooking Plan

September 17+1, 2016

I worked hard all night, so a lot of boxes are emptied and things are cleaned and arranged. Very satisfied with myself.

I picked up more parcels at the concierge and went out for grocery shopping. This will be my weekly food stock. 

Aldi is amazing. They have lots of fresh and cheap bread – a big loaf of wholemeal bread is less than £1. I bought some vegs and a good looking piece of beef, and a bottle of Malborough Sauvignon Blanc. I will open it when I invite Claire, my Korean workmate. Her birthday is coming soon and I promised to cook Miyeukgook on her birthday for her. I know how it feels like spending the birthday all alone, so I will do something for her. It’s her first birthday away from home in her whole life. I’m already thinking about other dishes that I could prepare easily. Maybe I should make her birthday cake too, if I have time and energy.  It’s a birthday after all!


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