Day #61, I Like Nights

September 14+1, 2016

It feels funny to go to bed at 9am and get up when it gets dark and get ready for work.

Even though I’m naturally a night owl, I’ve never worked at night in my life (apart from freelance translating job at home) and it seems… somewhat cool. Something different. I can take time for my ‘breakfast’, very relaxed, no need to hurry to wake up and make up. I even had time to prepare my ‘lunch’ that I was going to have at 1am at work. 

Talking about lunch, it’s a pity not to be able to have those cheap and delicious canteen food any more – they don’t open for night shift people. Well, one good point is that I can save some money on lunch.

I can still have free breakfast (the real one) at 7am after I finish work, but thinking about going to sleep as soon as I get home, I don’t really feel like eating anything in the morning.

I like nights.


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