Day #62, Chuseok

September 15+1, 2016

It’s a big public holiday in Korea today – Chuseok, something like Thanksgiving in US, one of the two big family gathering holidays. Most of people go to their parents’ home (the oldest generation in the family) and eat and drink. The other one is the New Years holiday, but on the first day of the year in lunar calendar. 

Those two are like the two big holidays in western (Christian) countries – Easter and Christmas. On these holidays, we have typical dishes to prepare, typical games to do with family members, typical custom, typical ceremonies etc. And it’s when most Korean immigrants living in other countries feel nostalgic.

So I talked to my family this morning when I finished work. My sister’s and my brother’s family were all at my parents’ place. Thanks to messenger apps, I could talk to them one by one for a long time without paying any international calling cost.

Koreans have 3 days off on these big holidays. Some of still-not-married young professionals add other days off before and after these 3 days, so they could have a week-long holiday and fly to somewhere.

I made myself a nice Korean dish for the occasion.


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