Day #66, Pleasant Night And Morning

September 19+1, 2016

The work wasn’t as bad as the night before. I didn’t have any complaining or angry customer on the phone last night. And my manager made my customer happy by being flexible. 

Among many customers on the phone last night, I had a very gentle sounding man, who explained what he wanted calmly and listened to what I explained in detail patiently. And in the end he accepted my offer. He would be the first one of many in my ‘nice customer list’. My list just started and I am sure I will be able to put at least one name on the list every night.

Oh it feels so good when the morning comes without stressful night. Furthermore, the sky was blue in the morning.

I cooked fried rice and ate it while waiting for 10am to go grocery-shopping to a Chinese shop. I got what I wanted and made Kimchi back home. The very first homemade Kimchi in my UK life.

I am soooo sleepy, I will have a very good sleep until 8pm.


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