Day #67, Nearly Set

September 20+1, 2016

It was a bit quiet last night.

I had about 10 calls throughout the night, partly because customers didn’t call as much as on Sunday night-Monday morning, also because I had a meeting with Peter, my line manager. 

He said I am doing really well, not sure if he says that too every newbie to encourage them, or I am really doing well. Anyhow, that kind of encouragement is always welcome.

It looks like all the managers have different working styles here. They can actually put their own personality and priority in this job, and sometimes what I learned about this job during the training doesn’t mean anything. But I like Peter’s customer focused working method. His flexibility makes everyone happy.

I started working on installing my IKEA table when I got back home. I started it last weekend and left it open all over the flat, so my home has been really messy. I finished installing it, and did a shoe box too. I’ve got no more boxes to open or to install, I could finally clean the whole flat. I vaccumed and mopped twice, and now I can walk around my flat barefoot.

I showered and am in bed at the moment.

My body aches.


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