Day #68, Jobs

September 21+1, 2016

My eye lids didn’t want to be lifted at 8:30pm when my alarm went off last night. I was soooooo tired. My body ached even more than when I went to bed in the afternoon. I really wanted to stay in bed a little bit more, just 30 minutes more, but I shouldn’t, otherwise I would fall asleep and run late for work.

I got up and had a shower, put two slices of frozen bread into the toaster, put Moka on the stove, pour some OJ, heat up some museli with almond milk. When the Moka made sound to indicate that it was ready, I poured it and clear water came out! Oh no, I didn’t put coffee in it! Hell I wasn’t awake for sure. I couldn’t be bothered to make it again so I just had my brekky without it. I would have a few espresso shots at work lateron.

Time went fast at work. Dunno why. I had about 20 calls altogether, and I could finally finish the first batch of a job that I have been doing myself – updating Korean language on my company’s Korean homepage. Nobody asked me to do so but I had to do it because it looks unprofessional with many faulty translations and unnatural expressions. I guess it needs a full time worker to update and proofread the page, at least for a while. If the company allows me to do it, I would be more than happy to do it. That was my career before coming to UK after all.

I have sent it off to night managers, so that they could forward it to someone who can look into it. Whoever takes care of it, I really hope the Korean page gets updated soon, so that we have less angry and confused customers.

After work I came home and made myself a big English breakfast with bacon, eggs, tomatoes, salad, OJ and coffee (I didn’t forget coffee this time).

I am sitting at a waiting area at Job Centre to apply for NI number at the moment. There are sooooo many people from all over the world around me. 

I usually like this kind of multicultural atmosphere, but now I just want my job done and go home for bed.


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