Day #69, Bureaucracy And Birthday Cake

September 22+1, 2016

The interview for NI number at Job Centre took longer than I expected. And it wasn’t an easy and nice interview, it felt like I was being checked for my legal status to stay and work in UK. The guy over the desk kept asking me the same information about myself, maybe to see if I am not lying or something. He also asked me my previous addresses in UK and France, I really don’t understand why I need to provide that information, even when I applied a bank account online. Then he checked my passport to see if it wasn’t forged.

When everything is done, he told me I will receive a paper with my NI number in 8 weeks. 8 WEEKS!! Hell, why would take it so long?? If every doc is checked, why can’t they create a number straightaway? We are living in 21st century where AI is everywhere, and the UK government doesn’t even have the system to do that kind of job in a second?

That’s something I don’t get in UK and France. In Korea, you could have things done in a few minutes for most administrative and governmental stuff, because they have a system that allow them to do so. Getting a new DL, a new credit card, an international DL, opening a bank account etc takes less than an hour. Getting a passport takes a few days. When I had to wait for my French DL for 6 months in France, I couldn’t believe it.

Anyhow, it’s done for now. I just have to wait 8 weeks. 

On the way home I stopped at Aldi to get a few ingredients to make a birthday cake for Claire. Her birthday is 23 September, so I made a chocolate cake, brought it to work, and lit candles at midnight. A surprise event for my first friend in Manchester. It went successfully. We left the cake in the kitchen area so that everyone could help themselves, and it was all gone at the end of the night! People must have loved it!! My lack of sleep from cake making paid off šŸ™‚


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