Day #71, 24 Hours Sleep

September 24+1, 2016

Oh my… 

I literally slept for 24 hours.

After Claire left, I fell asleep on my couch. Actually, this couch is quite comfy for a couch which came as furnished. I slept until early hour in the morning, and woke up to move to bed. I brushed teeth on the way to bed. 

I must have been very tired, I fell asleep again quickly in bed, and slept until dark. I checked the time at one point and it was 10pm. wow. 

I got up. I was super hungry and I could tell my body needs something, anything. 

I didn’t have energy to cook anything, so I just sliced bread and had it like that, while thinking about people who starve, somewhere, right at this moment. This is an awful feeling. Nobody should starve. When I had a bit of power, I took out OJ and made coffee. And sliced more bread.

After getting some energy, I started cutting my hair. I wanted to get it cut at a professional hairdresser, but I can’t find any Asian hairdresser in Manchester. I had a very bad experience with a local one in France, so I never get my hair cut at a local (aka European) hairdresser. I was sick of my messy hair, so I just did it myself, as I did it many times while in France.

When the morning came, I went out to get some groceries, and found a bill from the Council in my mailbox! This should work to open a bank account!

I went straight to Barclay’s, and got it done. It’s good that they open on Sundays too. I still have to wait to get my account number until tomorrow cuz it’s Sunday today, but it’s done. Finally. I can get paid for September!!

In bed, trying to get some sleep before the start of working week tonight.


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