Day #72, Job Being Done

September 25+1, 2016

Not much to say for the last night and this morning.

I brought Shakshuka for my lunch, and Claire gave me a jar of mixed berry jam and banana pancakes that she made.

I had a reply from someone who worked on Korean language of my company’s website – that was quite surprising cuz I didn’t expect it to be done so fast. Less than a week! Good to know people at my company work hard. 🙂

That can’t be done in one shot of course, so I need to update with them a few times I guess, and I am happy that I could do something productive and fruitful when I am not busy with my own job. 

When I checked what’s being done with my suggestion on the website, I was really happy to see the difference. That really gives me stronger motivation. I can’t wait to finalise this job and see the perfect looking website.

Time went fast for a Monday shift. I came home and had a platter of preserved food, mostly pickled stuff. 

I called Salford Council for tax, cuz it looks too much, but the line is too busy and their website for single person duscount application doesn’t work. I guess I need to visit them one morning. Maybe tomorrow.


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