Day #73, Tick Tock For 10am

September 26+1, 2016

I am very tired this morning, partly because I didn’t get much sleep yesterday waiting for a call from my bank, partly because my manager wasn’t in a good mood during the whole night. Even if I know it’s not because of me (maybe it is…), I still can’t help but feel very uncomfortable around anyone who is in a shitty mood. And especially a manager that I have to talk to whenever I need to ask for advice. I really hoped that I didn’t have to go and talk to him all night. That gave me a lot of stress. I know I need to cool a bit, but it’s not easy…

I applied for a single person discount online at work after finishing my shift, and it worked, so I decided not to go to the Council, just yet. It is far so I will wait for the new bill until the deadline date.

Came home, cooked Kimchi Udon. Perfect dish for a gloomy day like today. 

I am now waiting for the bank to open, so that I could get my bank account, finally! They didn’t call me yesterday after all.

Hope it wouldn’t rain while I am out there.


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