Day #74, Stability

September 27+1, 2016

My morning are becoming stable, meaning I kind of remember shop opening times on Market St and I don’t overdo it in the morning. I still have a lot of things to settle and buy for my flat, but I keep it within the am and try to be in bed by noon.

I went to Satarbucks with Claire after work to wait for Aldi to open, and talked about how hard it was to live with a Western man in Korea. As many know, South Korea is a modern developed country from the appearance, but a 19th Confucianist country inside. So you can imagine what kind of look they have on their face, especially aged men, when they saw me with a white guy hand in hand.

Hell, I can write with this topic for twenty more days, but I can’t be bothered and think about them and feel shit about my own country. Maybe one day, if I ever have to or want to write articles about South Korea and its culture.

I came home with a heavy shopping bag as usual, and installed Wifi. Great! I am finally connected to unlimited internet world at home!

I cooked Yaki Udon for my lunchbox, and got into bed.

Night night.


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