Day #75, Unwrinkled Sandwich

September 28+1, 2016

I have been doing numerous laundries since I received the laundry rack from Amazon yesterday. I ordered it long time ago but for some reason I got it only yesterday, so I had to use the dryer for many other laundries before, and I really hated it. Every kinds of fabric get wrinkled after being dried in the machine, and I mean seriously. Even soft towels get wrinkled, let alone synthetic clothes. Now I am so happy to hang my laundry on a rack and see unwrinkled dried clothes. Well, I should get an iron anyway, but it’s something I don’t really hurry to buy.

I made Wholemeal Pita Sandwich with leftover sausages and lettuce to finish up. That was very delicious. I put it nicely for a photo shot, and ate it with a fork and knife. Hamburgers and sandwiches are never easy for me to eat with hands, I always drop all the ingredients on the plate and end up eating them separately, which is not the point of these dishes! Actually, I am still awkward at handling a fork and knife. I am much better at chopsticks.

Talking about hamburgers, I suddenly crave for a homemade craft burger from a nice pub. I heard the Manchester Food and Drink Festival just started today, and I really should check it out!


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